How to clear supervisor password of a Thinkpad Laptop

  We love thinkpads. They are safe, reliable and durable laptops. All modern Thinkpad laptops come with advance security chip (TPM) and BIOS settings are encrypted inside EEPROM to prevent unauthorized access to the system and BIOS. Unlike desktops, there is no security jumper for setting/overriding the BIOS supervisor mode. The common technique of disconnecting "BIOS battery" does not work because as soon as the laptop detects that there is a BIOS corruption, it recovers the saved and encrypted BIOS security details from EEPROM. This all sounds great and is very useful for security of a laptop. But, problem starts when one misplaces / forgets the supervisor password.  Lenovo customer service…
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How to mount a partition from inside a hard disk image

Mounting specific partition from inside a disk image in linux. Step 1 :  Find the partition structure in the disk image file. # fdisk -lu disk.img Step 2 : The screen above says that 1 sector = 512 bytes, so if you want to mount the third partition in this, use the math : Partition stating point = offset x 512 = 17803264 * 512 . Then use the following command. # /sbin/losetup /dev/loop1 disk.img -o $((17803264 * 512)) # mount -o ro /dev/loop1 /mnt/target If the partition contains a real filesystem, you should be able to access the data in the partition. Once you are done, you can use…
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