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We love thinkpads. They are safe, reliable and durable laptops. All modern Thinkpad laptops come with advance security chip (TPM) and BIOS settings are encrypted inside EEPROM to prevent unauthorized access to the system and BIOS. Unlike desktops, there is no security jumper for setting/overriding the BIOS supervisor mode. The common technique of disconnecting “BIOS battery” does not work because as soon as the laptop detects that there is a BIOS corruption, it recovers the saved and encrypted BIOS security details from EEPROM. This all sounds great and is very useful for security of a laptop. But, problem starts when one misplaces / forgets the supervisor password.  Lenovo customer service has no repair-protocol for such cases. They offer complete motherboard replacement to solve the problem! You can find EEPROM replacement chips online and can be used to replace the existing chip, but it also requires specialized soldering equipments such as hot-air-gun etc., not to mention the experience and expertize of soldering very-tiny chips on motherboards.

This technique clears the BIOS supervisor password. I have a rather simple solution that clears all passwords and settings of the BIOS without any motherboard replacement or EEPROM replacements.

We know that BIOS settings are stored in the EEPROM. If we shot the EEPROM chip just before system enters the bios, EEPROM will not be able to provide BIOS with encryption data. So,default BIOS settings with no-password will be loaded. But the moment we release the “shot” pin from the EEPROM, it will send data to the BIOS and things will immediately get locked.

We shot the eeprom, and keep it shot will the time we entered blank password in the Supervisor Password field. We release the shot just before confirming the second password so that BIOS has no chance to recover the settings from EEPROM. And as we confirm the blank password we need to quickly save and exit BIOS. This saves the settings in the BIOS and all supervisor passwords are cleared.

You can check out the following you-tube video to see the complete process in action.

In this video I have cleared the supervisor password of Lenovo thinkpad W520. I have tested this method to work for some T series laptops and W510.

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  1. Hi, I saw your clips for resetting Supervisory password for T series laptop. I would be thank full if you send me for T410. Thanks.

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