amazing 1+2+3+4 … = -1/12 !

This is perhaps one of the most amusing results I have ever seen in analytica mathematics. It just brought life to the love I had for number theory and analytical mathematics years ago ! As I was reading through some article on string theory, I stumbled upon this result. It just got my mind boggling. I was thrilled. This is it .. 1+2+3+4+5+6+ ... infinity = - 1/12 Does that makes sense to you? Actually it did not to me at first sight. How is that even possible? Its crazy. And guess what .. this result is used in major areas of Physics for the foundation formulation. It appears in…
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Arbitary Precision Calculations

An alternative algorithm for multiplying very large integers(unlimited precision) in fortran 90 !! It was then in 2005 that I wanted to multiply two very large integers on a 32 bit machine. 089312830830809287302983 x 08302810398201373902380208 = Inf or, Something in 1e+Blah Blah. Converting to double and do the multiplication seemed to work, but I lost precision. Even when using LONG LONG DOUBLE available in Intel Fotran 90 did not seemed to work. And I did not know Java had this bigInteger and int.multiply(int1) in those days. So, I developed application to do arbirtary precision mathematics ... So, I broke large numbers into chunks of chars and used decimal multiplication to…
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A Fortran 90 Sudoku Solver

This is a powerful sudoku solver that can find infinitely many solution to a given sudoku. This application is capable of finding 1, multiple or as many solutions to a sudoku as possible. I had written the same algorithm in C back then in 2006, but I cant seem to find it now. I tested it then, using compiler ifor90 (Intel Fotran Compiler, 2006 Edition) and found it to be more efficient that C, C++ or similar codes.   My Sudoku Solver I Wrote in 2006-2007 while learning to code in Fotran 90 ! 1 ! copyright @ 2007, arpan dubey 2 ! simple sudoku solver . 3 ! 4…
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