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The radiance of gold, a noble material which has served our craftsmen nicely for 3 centuries. The strength from the flame, the secret
to creating ultra-fine powders to create our distinctive dials of Grand Feu enamel. A wealth of meticulous abilities and methods
perpetuated and reinvented by, model following model. The hand from the craftsman, probably the most valuable tool accessible towards
the Manufacture, acquainted with every gesture and also the worth of time. All the master artisans who, within the seclusion of their
workshops in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, produced the horological masterpieces that's proudly presenting these days.
DuoEclipse Ivory Enamel and Grande Seconde Off-Centered Ivory Enamel.
THE ECLIPSE IVORY ENAMELRound and complete, the watch face looks like a vision inside a dream . . . As soon as once more, invites the
moon to cast its spell more than the art of watchmaking.
Eclipse Ivory Enamel.
Reflecting aesthetic options in favor of purity, subtlety, traditional motifs and potent style codes, The Eclipse Ivory Enamel
celebrates the very best of luxury watchmaking and home craftsmanship, beginning in the dial with its Grand Feu enameling. Particular
towards the brand, this ancient method demands our artisans to meticulously monitor and completely manage the kiln temperature, the
important to creating this disc with its distinctive color and grain. This blank web page, which features a subtle beauty of its
personal, characteristics eight stars -eight becoming the preferred quantity of the home -and a moon engraved in red gold. Inspired by
18 styles, the dial recalls the origins from the brand and its penchant, from the Enlightenment onwards, for turning towards the
decorative arts. The nocturnal celestial physique reveals its face from behind an index reduce from white onyx. Crafted with excellent
delicacy, best watch replicas it produces a tone-on-tone impact that totally captures the lyricism from the cycle of lunar phases. Exuding a spirit of
generosity, this scene sets the stage to get a virtuoso overall performance from the complications. While the day and month seem in
two apertures in the leading from the dial, an sophisticated serpentine hand surmounted by a crescent moon factors towards the date
numerals, set at intervals in the edge from the red-gold case. This exact same path is taken from the Lancine hours and minutes hands,
whose tapered profiles and traditional lines underscore the remarkably harmonious style of this timepiece, mounted on a valuable
Grande Date Ivory Enamel.
It occasionally occurs that technical prowess is evidenced from the perfection of a craftsman's gesture. In such instances, supreme
simplicity will be the mark of correct luxury. This really is the rationale behind the Grande Date Ivory Enamel, a brand new
traditional which will be presenting exclusively at Baselworld 2012. It characteristics a disc of ivory Grand Feu enamel, ensconced
inside a 43-mm red gold case. Its distinctive grain and incomparable hue are obtained by our master dialmakers utilizing ancestral
abilities. Their familiarity using the all the secrets from the enameling procedure -regarding powders omega constellation watch , colors, firing and so forth
-has been unanimously acclaimed because the days from the Enlightenment. Over a decade in to the third millennium, has as soon as once
more impressed the luxury watch neighborhood having a model of beautiful visual purity. Positioned off-centered at twelve o'clock, the
hours and minutes subdial is set elegantly in to the enamel. The valuable gleam of two Lancine hands, sweeping previous Roman numerals
because they circumnavigate the dial, echoes the warm radiance from the red gold case. At six o'clock, an aperture indicates the date
in Arabic numerals whose size, meticulously selected, suggests the tremendous possibilities inherent to every new day. A distinctive
watch that tends to make a brand new promise each and every twenty-four hours, the Grande Date Ivory Enamel will command the focus of
connoisseurs of objets d'art. GRANDE SECONDE OFF-CENTERED IVORY ENAMEL
Grande Seconde Off-Centered Ivory Enamel.
With the Grande Seconde Off-Centered Ivory Enamel, combines traditional watchmaking tradition using the imagination which has turn out
to be a home trademark. A milestone within the background from the Manufacture, the Grande Seconde characteristics two dials that,
intertwined, type the quantity eight, a home leitmotif. 1 dial indicates the hours and minutes, the other tracks the passing from the
sixty seconds inside a minute. The size from the seconds hand and also the extraordinary fineness of its profile evoke the myriad
possibilities lying dormant in every passing minute. They're saluted from the elegance and graphic interest of this timepiece, whose
dials and winding stem happen to be repositioned to provide this watch a brand new appear. The decorative motif, an artistic
interpretation of mechanical gears, sets off the ivory hue from the Grand Feu enamel and also the radiance from the red gold case. replica breitling watch
Lastly, the winding stem at 4 o'clock has usually intrigued aficionados. For the proud owner, to touch or really feel the Grande
Seconde Off-Centered Ivory Enamel would be to personally encounter the philosophy whereby the human encounter of passing time ought to
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